Craftsmen in the workings, with the confidence of those who know the craft but are always ready to experiment

For more than three decades, Ferrara Ricami has been synonymous with high-precision workmanship. We turn every detail into a technical masterpiece.


The art of technical embroidery

Ferrara Embroidery is the technological artisan of embroidery. Every stitch is designed to excel, combining innovation and craftsmanship. From garments to gadgets, we turn ideas into unique workmanship.

Leather and footwear

Excellence processing for leather and footwear

From leather processing to the art of embroidery, we offer customized solutions that enhance style and durability. Our cutting-edge technology blends with traditional Italian craftsmanship, ensuring a flawless result.

Every detail is taken care of to transform accessories and footwear into authentic masterpieces, reflecting the essence of your identity.


Our matelassé technique adds a sophisticated, three-dimensional touch, highlighting exclusive details on each garment. Distinctive service that extends to leather, clothing and footwear.

Pleated Elasticization

Elasticized leather and elastic pleating. Our workmanship combines technology and craftsmanship to create pleated surfaces and stretch details, lending a unique touch of elegance and comfort to bags and accessories.

Embroidery on leather

From classic embroidery to 3D, application of innovative materials. Our technical mastery is expressed in sophisticated details, offering a distinctive touch to your garments and accessories. We customize each creation to reflect your unique vision.


Clothing and gadgets

Technology and creativity to bring every detail to life

From embroidery on business suit to the production of custom clothing, each garment is a work of art.

Our services also include making embroidered thermoadhesive and velcro patch hd ( in jaquard) and selling customized gadgets with embroidery or printing.

Embroidery on work garment

Every detail is taken care of with pinpoint precision. We customize work clothes with your company logo, combining style and durability for a distinctive professional identity.

Embroidery on clothing

Embroidery on cut piece of fabric for production of packaged clothing. Each garment is customized, combining technology and creativity to create unique, high-quality solutions.

Advertising Gadget

Embroidery on advertising gadget, includes Velcro patches for extra versatility. We accurately apply your logo to a variety of gadgets, ensuring visibility and distinctive style.


Embroidered patches for precise details and strength, or the innovation of 3D patches, ultra-defined micro-needling. Handcrafted stitching or thermoadhesive application: personalize your style with our distinctive quality.

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