Clothing and gadgets come to life through embroidery

From embroidery on work clothes to customized solutions for advertising gadgets, we combine traditional craftsmanship and advanced technology.

Customized and functional embroidery

From embroidery on clothing, which transforms each garment into a unique expression of style, to customized advertising gadgets , we combine craftsmanship and advanced technology with the goal of providing customized and functional solutions.

Embroidery on clothing

Using state-of-the-art machinery, every detail is made with pinpoint precision, ensuring distinctiveness and durability. Meticulous selection of high-quality yarns, together with advanced embroidery techniques, ensures maximum strength. Our workmanship includes both self-supplied and non-supplied garments, offering customization and exceptional quality.

Advertising Gadget

We make customized solutions for advertising gadgets, from the precision of direct embroidery to Velcro patches, we guarantee a detailed result. We use high-quality yarns and advanced techniques to ensure optimal strength and durability. Our technical expertise translates into distinctive customization, where aesthetics and functionality converge.

Embroidery on work garment

We offer customized solutions, turning work clothes into unique testimonials of your brand. Through the use of advanced technology, we guarantee precise execution of each stitch to ensure strength and originality. Our careful selection of high-quality yarns ensures a durable and distinctive result.


Patches embroidered with millimeter precision for strength and graphic definition. Thanks to stitching, you add a handcrafted touch to your garments.

3D patches or microrichams, are a revolution in the application of three-dimensional details. With over 10,000 ultrathin threads, they offer the graphic quality of a print and the durability of embroidery. To personalize with style and functionality.

Precision and research for flawless results.

Applying embroidery on clothing requires pinpoint accuracy. From managing specific yarns for workwear to creating customized solutions on gadgets, our technical approach is based on proven methods.

The careful use of advanced machinery ensures durability and uniform quality on every part. Find out how our craftsmanship expertise translates into technologically advanced embroideries suitable for different needs.


Distinctive details, customized solutions

Each stitch tells a story of precision and creativity. Explore the variety of our workmanship and discover how we transform each garment.


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