Masters of leather and footwear. Discover the high precision of each of our creations

Immerse yourself in the art and craftsmanship of Ferrara Ricami, synonymous with high-precision workmanship in leather and footwear.

Handcrafted excellence in leather and footwear

Discover workmanship such as matelassé, pleated elastic, and embroidery on leather. Every detail is a fusion of craftsmanship and advanced technology, creating works of art in every creation.


High-precision technical processing applied to leather. Using advanced machinery, texture is created through quilting, providing a distinctive three-dimensional effect. Careful selection of materials ensures strength and durability.

Pleated Elasticization

A technical process that imparts pleated texture to stretch fabrics. Through the use of specialized machinery, the fabric is pleated evenly, ensuring elasticity and strength. Careful choice of materials results in a long-lasting finish.

Embroidery on Leather

A technical art that combines craftsmanship and advanced precision. Through the use of specialized machinery, embroidery is done on the leather with extraordinary detail. Careful selection of wires and needles ensures optimal strength and durability.

The unique elegance of embroidery tailored to your needs

Transform your style with our bespoke customization in leather and footwear. Bring your unique ideas to life through embroidered details, distinctive matelassé and pleated textures.

Experienced craftsmanship and advanced technology

Italian craftsmanship tradition is intertwined with the efficiency of modern technologies. Every detail, from matelassé to embroidery on leather, is executed with pinpoint precision, ensuring quality and durability.

Our methodical approach blends artistry and technical tools, creating customized products that reflect a balance between art and engineering.


Unique workmanship that defines a distinctive style

Matelassé gives three-dimensional textures, pleating adds elasticity, and 3D embroidery creates intricate details. Each step is executed with the utmost precision. Find out how we transform the skin.


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