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Innovators in the world of embroidery. Combining technological precision with craftsmanship skills, we are your resource for advanced, customized embroidery solutions.

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Contrada Piane Chienti, Industrial Zone A – Civitanova Marche

Durability and refinement combined in every detail. Each dot is your brand of identity.

Personalization on fabrics and objects. Exclusive and professional solutions.



Guided by tradition and driven by innovation

With a fusion of Italian craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, we are your partner in the journey to discover the finest embroidery. Your vision takes shape with our experience, your style is complemented with our flexibility.

Years of experience


We welcome your challenges with flexibility and creativity

Every detail is precisely attended to, because we know that embroidery is more than ornamentation-it is the finest form of branding. Discover our universe where customization, creativity and responsibility are harmoniously intertwined.

Pleated Elasticization

Each stitch on selected fabrics is designed to create a distinctive tactile relief. The result is a unique garment where the quality of embroidery is blended with comfort and durability.

Embroidery on leather

The combination of reliable technology and human supervision ensures a flawless finish on this fine surface, offering uncompromising luxury.

Embroidery on clothing

Technology and human supervision ensure a flawless result directly on your garment. Where craftsmanship merges with technological innovation.

Advertising Gadget

Designed for durability. Customization is not only aesthetic, but also reflects your corporate identity in every technical aspect of the gadget.

Embroidery on work garment

Clothing that reflects your corporate identity. The quality of our embroidery is guaranteed to withstand the challenges of daily work, combining style and durability.


Embroidered patches and the innovative 3D patches. Whether you choose the elegance of stitching or the convenience of thermoadhesive application we guarantee a high-quality touch to your clothing.

Customized solutions

Flexibility in the production process and technical precision combine to offer tailor-made solutions, developed together to ensure maximum success.

Each point tells a story of excellence

Since 1991, we have redefined the landscape of embroidery, embracing advanced technology and craftsmanship. Discover our method, where technological upgrades, bold investments, and a specialized team create unique workmanship for each client.

Technology Upgrade 95%
Creative investment 90%
Search 98%
Organizational efficiency 100%

We make your ideas real

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We turn ideas into reality. Explore the world of embroidery

Enter the heart of our laboratory. We are craftsmen with the confidence of those who know the craft but are always ready to experiment.

Every detail with us becomes a technical masterpiece. Learn more about how we turn ideas into unique, customized creations, reflecting our passion for excellence in the world of embroidery.


Each project is driven by technological perfection

Our industrial machines, from 15-head machines to specialized sampling machines, guarantee millimeter accuracy.

We are constantly investing in the latest technological advancement to meet the needs of an ever-changing customer base. From our workshop, embroidery masterpieces emerge that reflect the perfect union of Italian craftsmanship and advanced technological solutions.


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